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The Royal Geological Society of Cornwall formed in 1814 in Penzance at the Union Hotel is the oldest Geological Society with the Longest run of publications of any Geological Society in the World.Website of the Society is


To continue this record of publishing it is planned to publish two Transactions in the Bicentennial year of 2014.(this is available to none members of the society) but is provided as part of the annual membership which is maintained in 2015 as £15 annual membership subscription.

This  first new Transaction will be about  the Ecology of abandoned mine sites in Cornwall and the second about Elizabeth Carne an early leader in the study of all Geological sciences and Ecology.

Further publishing is planned when an Index of Authors and Scientific papers published in the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall's Transactions 1814-2014 is to made available on CD later in 2015.(this to be provided to Society Members as part of the Membership.(the CD will be available for sale to none members.




The Library Pages contain interesting articles and books about Cornish and World Geology, Minerals and Mining, Miner's and Laws, dating from the late 1700's

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Mineralogia Cornubiensis: A Treatise on Minerals, Mines, and Mining :....

William Pryce

Published 1778


The Laws of the Stannaries of Cornwall: To which are Added the Several Acts of Parliament ... ...


 Published 1808 




English industries of the middle ages, being an introduction to the industrial history of medieval England

By  L.F.Salzman

Published 1913





The stannaries, a study of the English tin miner Vol 3

By George Randell Lewis

Published 1907




Substance of a Report on the Laws and Jurisdiction of the Stannaries in Cornwall

By Sir George Harrison

Published 1835




Procedure in the Court of the Vice Warden of the Stannaries: New Orders, Rules and Forms, with ...

Publisher H Sweet

Published 1856


The Stannaries Act, 1869: Edited with Notes Explanatory of Its Several Sections, and with ...

J Batten

Published 1873


Article. "The jurisdiction of the Lord Warden of the Stannaries the time of  Sir Walter Raleigh." From original documents


Read at Ashburton, Devon July 1876. 


Observations on the rich parts of the lodes of Cornwall, 

 Prof. L. Moissenet

Published 1877




A Handbook to the Mineralogy of Cornwall and Devon: With Instructions for Their Discrimination ...

 J.H. Collins FRS

 Published 1871




Observations on the tin trade of the ancients in Cornwall, and on the 'Ictis' of Diodorus Siculus

 Christopher Hawkins

  Published 1811




Interviews with Mining Engineers

Thomas A. Rickard

 Published 1922




Manual of mining tools, illustrated by an atlas

William Morgans

 Published 1871




The Land Laws

Sir Frederick Pollock

 Published 1883 / 87 / 96




A Sketch of the Geology of Cornwall: Including a Brief Description of the Mining Districts and ...

B. Symonds

 Published 1884




Memoirs of the Geological Survey of England and Wales


 Published 1846




The Geology of Falmouth and Truro and of the Mining District of Camborne and Redruth

J.B. Hill

 Published 1906



A History of the Trade in Tin

Phillip William Flower

Published 1880




Observations on the Detrital Tin-ore of Cornwall

W.J. Henwood

 Published 1873




Cornwall: its mines and miners

J.R. Liefchild

 Published 1855




The recent geology of Cornwall

William A E Ussher

 Published 1879




West Barbary', or Notes on the system of work and wages in the Cornish mines

L.L. Price

 Published 1891


Annals of British Geology

J.F. Blake M.A. F.G.S.

Publshed 1892


Geology of the British Isles

Editor J.W.Evans

Published 1918


Catalogue of the fossil Bryozoa in the Department of geology, British museum (Nautral history) The Jurassic Bryozoa


Published 1896


A handbook to a collection of the minerals of the British Islands, mostly selected from the Ludlam collection, in the Museum of Practical Geology

F. W. (Frederick William Rudler, I.S.O. F.G.S.

Published 1905


Figures and Descriptions of the Palæozoic Fossils of Cornwall, Devon, and West Somerset

John Phillps F.R.S. F.G.S.

Published 1841


A guide to the Mount's Bay and the Land's End; comprehending the topography, botany, agriculture, fisheries, antiquities, mining, mineralogy and geology of western Cornwall

John AyrtonParis, 

Published 1828


The geology of the Isles of Scilly

By George Barrow

Published 1906


Geology and Mining Abroad

The gold mines of the world

James Herbert Curle

Published 1899


The tin resources of the British Empire

N.M. Penzer

Published 1921



Tin Deposits of the World: With a Chapter on Tin Smelting

Sidney Fawns

Published 1907


Using applied geology to discover large copper and gold mines in Arizona, Chile, and Peru / 

J. David Lowell

Published 1998



Geological observations in South Australia

Julian Edmund Tenison Woods

Published 1862


Geology of the Vegetable Creek tin-mining field, New England district, New South Wales
with maps and sections

T.W. Edgeworth David.

Published 1887

Geology of the Broken Hill lode and Barrier Ranges mineral field, New South WalesJohn Blockley JaquetPublished 1920
An Account of Some Geological Specimens from the Coasts of AustraliaWilliam Henry FittonPublished 1826

Record of the mines of South Australia 

South Australia. Dept. of Mines.

 Published 1908


South Australia and its mines

Francis Dutton

Published 1846


Catalogue of South Australian minerals 

South Australia. Geological Dept

Published 1893


The minerals and geology of central Canada, comprising the provinces of Ontario and Quebec

E.J. Chapman

Published 1888


Elementary geology with special reference to Canada

A.P. Coleman & W.A. Parkes

Published 1922


Lectures, notes on geology, and outline of the geology of Canada [microform] : for the use of students : with figures of characteristic fossils

J.W. Dawson

Published 1880


Notes on the Post-Pliocene Geology of Canada: With Especial Reference to the Conditions of ...

J.W. Dawson

Published 1872


Synopsis of the geology of Canada [microform] : being a summary of the principal terms employed in Canadian geological nomenclature

Henry Marc Ami

Published 1891


On the later physiographical geology of the Rocky Mountain region in Canada [microform] : with special reference of changes in elevation and the history of the glacial period

George M. Dawson

Published 1890


Copper mining in Canada East

Herbert Williams

Published 1865


Practical suggestions on mining rights and privileges in Canada : with an appendix containing the gold mining regulations & c. 

Hart, Adolphus M.

Published 1867


The real Cobalt, the story of Canada's marvellous silver mining camp - 

 Anson A.Gard,

Published 1908


British Columbia, the mineral province of Canada : being a short history of mining in the province, a synopsis of the mining laws in force, statistics of mineral production to date, and a brief summary of the progress of mining during 1914

British Columbia

Published 1915


Gold in Canada: the Chaudiere valley and its mineral wealth

Quebec Morning Chronicle

Published 1880



Geology of Pachuca and El Oro, Mexico

Winchell, Horace V

Published 1921


Geographical and statistical notes on Mexico Includes a history of the Real Del Monte Company.

Romero, Matías,

Published 1898


Narrative of a Tour in North America: Comprising Mexico, the Mines of Real de Monte, the United ... (Volume 1) - 

Tudor, Henry

Published 1834


Narrative of a Tour in North America: Comprising Mexico, the Mines of Real de Monte, the United ... (Volume 2) - 

Tudor, Henry

 Published 1834


Data referring to Mexican mining : prepared in view of the participation of Mexico in the Universal exposition of Paris in 1900


Published 1901


South Africa

Bibliography of South African geology

Harry P. Saunders

Published 1897


The diamond mines of South Africa

Gardner Fred Williams

Published 1905


Men, mines and animals in South Africa

Churchill, Randolph Henry Spencer Lord

 Published 1895


Diamonds And Gold In South Africa

Theodore Reunert

Published 1893


The deep-level mines of the Rand and their future development

G. A. Denny

Published 1902


The glamour of prospecting

Fred C. Cornell  

Published 1920


United States of America

A history of the northern peninsula of Michigan and its people; its mining, lumber and agricultural industries

Alvah L. Sawyer

Published 1911




Picturesque iron and copper mining of northern Michigan

A Witteman

Published 1891




Mining town memories--Colorado and Mexico : oral history transcript / and related material,

Bessie Launder Richards

Published 1967




Souvenir of the Comstock. Embracing the principal views of Virginia City, Gold Hill, Silver City and Sutro

  Jas. H, Cockwell

Published c.1890




University of Colorado historical collections

Colorado University

Published 1918




The Klondike, a souvenir;

George G. Cantwell

Published c.1900




Mining camps of British Columbia : a souvenir of Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood, Phoenix, Grand Forks, Kaslo, Revelstoke, Cranbrook, Fernie and the Kootenay, Boundary and Crow's Nest Districts ; illustrated with fifty excellent views of typical scenes


Published 1900


The Shirley letters from California mines in 1851-52; being a series of twenty-three letters from Dame Shirley (Mrs. Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe) to her sister in Massachusetts, and now reprinted from the Pioneer magazine of 1854-55; with synopses of the letters, a foreword, and many typographical and other corrections and emendations

Dame Shirley

 Published 1922


Report of the State Board of Geological Survey for the years 1891 and 1892...also a provisional report by Dr. M.E. Wadsworth, State Geologist, upon the geology of the iron, gold and copper districts of Michigan ..


Published  1893


Mining Camps ; a study of American Frontier Government

Charles E Shinn

 Published 1885