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                                                              AN LETY,24 PEVERELL ROAD,PORTHLEVEN.

Above shows the interior part of the kithen of An Lety,No.24 Peverell Road,Porthleven.


Interior of An Lety,24 Peverell Road,Porthleven. The room has an open fire place out of  view, for logs and coal. You can see the piano, leather chairs and settee.The room sits alongside the kitchen above.The bedroom below is the main double bedroom with front windows overlooking the village.








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No.5 An Golowjy and just the edge of the upper windows on the left from No.5A. An Golowjy Vean.The entrance on the side  is to An Golowjy  opposite the Mermaid riding a dolphin and the walkway through the garden door to the rear entrance to An Golowjy Vean and rear garden to both cottages.

The Coastguard  buildings were built in the mid 1850's,after the harbour became  important  for its export of Cornish China Clay, quarried at nearby Tregonning Hill,and local potatoes and produce,( importing coal  and timber for the Tin Mines in Breage and St.Sithney, Limestone for the Lime Kilns on the harbour side),The harbour became famous for its boat building skills for strong wooden boats which ended up as far away as Hudson Bay.The fishing industry also became important and this developed into the salting down of pilchards,and  canning and smoking of fish,as well as net and rope making industries.


View of the main bedroom at An Golowy and views of the harbour.through the front windows showing Breageside of the inner harbour and buildings linked with the China Clay Industry.

All the front windows of both An Golowjy and An Golowjy Vean view this scene of the harbour,above and scene below.

The rear garden of An Golowjy also has views to the Outer harbour and towards the Land's End.

(The view below shows wider view of the  inner harbour of Porthleven in the same direction as the photograph from the front windows of An Golowjy.)The buildings at the harbour head  has a restaurant on the first floor.

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                                                                                 KERNOW COTTAGES

This View of Porthleven's  inner harbour towards the middle and outer harbour through opened entrance/ gates

Picture taken from the harbour head behind looking towards the Clock Tower.

Coastguards  AN GOLOWJY is at the top left of the picture showing the squarrish  top outline of the tower where the maroons were fired to warn the lifeboat crews that they were needed to launch the lifeboat.













                                           BEATRICE KERNO.

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